About me

My name is Kate, I am an Art Teacher with 15 years experience of working with children in different capacities. I am also the founder of CUT & TEAR.

CUT & TEAR is a one-woman-pursuit to create funky and desirable products, often from recycled or vintage materials. I strive to use unwanted items to create jewellery, accessories, stationery, toys, home decor and quirky dolls.

I love to share my passion and my skills with others. For three years I had the pleasure to teach Art and Textiles in a secondary school in London, leading my students to the GCSE and A-level exams. Since relocating to Munich in summer 2011, I’ve been working as an Art Teacher in a private bilingual preschool. I enjoy leading Art and Craft workshops for all ages, often highlighting the theme of upcycling (nice word for adding value to things what would otherwise end up in the bin).

Despite studying long and hard (MA in Education, PGCE in Art & Design, BA in Fine Art and Art History); handcraft was always close to my heart. Every newly created item fills me with joy and the joy is multiplied when in the process a material has been saved from a scrap heap.

My passion for craft and thrifting originates from the communistic experience of my youth in the Czech Republic. The female members of my family were small geniuses that saved and transformed every scrap in reach. They could sew, knit, crochet, you name it. They learnt themselves and I learnt from them. There were times when I thought I will scream if I receive yet another knitted jumper. Now I complete the circle, crafting myself and harvesting all the little tips and processes I learnt to create my own unique items.

After 11 happy years in London, I now live in Munich (Germany) but return frequently to visit the London ‘s vibrant art and craft scene.