CUT & TEAR offers age and developmentally appropriate Art and Craft classes for children. The classes can be lead in English or in German with a basic English learning through Art. Participating children do not need previous knowledge of English, only enthusiasm for the new language and for Art.

Art and Craft activities involve collage, painting, paper manipulation, printing, basic sculpting, observational drawing and more. Selection of projects is featured in the image gallery. All showcased artwork is created by children from my classes in Munich (3-6 years old children) and London (11-16 years olds).

Building on my 6 years experience at the Tate Gallery in London and 5 years in the classroom, I believe that discovering Art by looking at artist’s work is as important as making own Art. Therefore each practical class starts by looking at artist’s work or artefacts of the culture that inspired the project. Looking and discussing artists’ work spark children imagination, allows them to learn new vocabulary and support their understanding of variety of artistic styles, without affecting their desire for unique self- expression.

My philosophy:

I do not educate future artists, I simply teach children to have fun with art, to see the world around themselves and to appreciate “good aesthetics”.

Objectives (Classes for 5-9 years kids):

  • Discover the joy of ART
  • Improve fine motor skills
  • Experiment with wide variety of materials and techniques
  • Learn new vocabulary
  • Think creatively, solve problems, gain confidence

Selection of projects is featured in the image gallery.